According to the National Science Foundation, women are still underrepresented in the science and engineering workforce, but they are breaking and gaining ground by the minute. In the process, they are inspiring future generations of females to enter careers related to ecology.

Over our 15 years of producing Leaf Litter, we have had the honor of interviewing a variety of female leaders and experts who have impacted the fields of ecological restoration, conservation planning, and regenerative design. We have chatted with such inspiring visionaries as eco-activist and agro-ecologist Vandana Shiva, ecologist and author Sandra Steingraber, young environmental activist Destiny Watford, and plant ecologist and indigenous wisdom authority, Robin Wall Kimmerer.

As a period many refer to as “The Year of the Woman” comes to a close, we thought it was high time to celebrate some of the many women who have influenced our careers and inspired us personally and professionally. The women featured in this issue were selected by our staff. Some may be familiar to you; others may not. Some are no longer living; some are still in the early stages of their careers. One is a staff member’s mother. Some are scientists and educators; some are activists and communicators. Some are all of those things combined.

We hope you enjoy this special issue of Leaf Litter, and we wish you peace and light this Winter Solstice.

To view the first of our Inspiring Women of Ecology, Janine Benyus, click here. You can also navigate the article index to the right. For more information on the women featured in this issue, please visit the Resources section. To catch up on the latest news from Biohabitats, click here.

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