Selected Publications by Steward T. Pickett

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Selected Publications by Frederick Steiner

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Selected Publications by Katherine Lieberknecht

Robert F. Young & Katherine Lieberknecht. “From smart cities to wise cities: ecological wisdom as a basis for sustainable urban development.” Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 2018 DOI: 10.1080/09640568.2018.1484343

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Other publications

Ahern, J., Cilliers, S., and Niemelä, J. (2014). The concept of ecosystem services in adaptive urban planning and design: a framework for supporting innovation. Landsc. Urban Plan. 125, 254–259. doi: 10.1016/j.landurbplan.2014.01.

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References and resources from David Yocca’s article “Chicago: Ecology in Urban Planning at the Regional Scale.

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Forest Preserve District of Kane County

Forest Preserve District of Kendall County

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Forest Preserve District of Will County

Conservation Research Institute

Conservation Foundation

Evolution of the Chicago Landscape: Population Dynamics, Economic Development, and Land Use Change

From the Ashes: How Burning Our Natural Areas Bolsters Them

Forest Foresight: Who Created The Cook County Forest Preserves?

Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge

Lessons Learned from Chicago Wilderness

Morton Arboretum- Schulenberg Prairie

Nature’s Metropolis: Chicago and the Great West

Prairie Crossing Conservation Community

Without Native Americans, Would We Have Chicago As We Know It?

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