We don’t work in silos.

Everything in Nature is connected. So, too, are the disciplines that inform our work.

We have purposefully built an interdisciplinary staff of practitioners who transcend the boundaries of their respective fields. Fueled by knowledge and driven by passion, each one of us is committed to a healthier, more just and sustainable world.

Lauren Anderson

Construction Coordinator

Miguel Arteaga

Ecological Restoration Construction Supervisor

Bryan Arvai PE, LEED AP

Water Resources Engineer

Megan Baker CPA


Katherine Bartter

Executive Assistant

George Battersby PE

Water Resources Engineer


Senior Ecologist

Keith Bowers FASLA, PLA, PWS

Landscape Architect/Restoration Ecologist, Southeast Atlantic Bioregion Team Leader, President and Founder

Ted Brown PE, LEED AP

Senior Water Resources Engineer

Claudia Browne

Senior Water Resources Specialist/Ecologist, Southern Rocky Mountain Bioregion Team Leader

Tristan Burwell

CADD Manager

Olin Christy

Senior Engineering Technician

Jim Cooper PLA, ASLA, PWS

Landscape Architect

Tanaira Cullens

Environmental Scientist

Kevin Dahms

Water Resources Engineer

Tom Denbow

Senior Scientist, Great Lakes Bioregion Team Leader

Jennifer Dowdell ASLA, LEED AP

Senior Landscape Ecological Designer & Planner

Aiman Duckworth PLA, LEED AP

Landscape Architect/Urban Ecologist

Erin English PE, LEED AP

Senior Engineer

Jim Favret

Construction Coordinator

Lisa Feather

Staff Accountant

Adam Feuerstein CPA

Operations Team Leader

Carmen Franks PHD, PE

Water Resources Engineer

Meghan Gloyd PE

Water Resources Engineer

Kevin Grieser CERP

Landscape Ecologist

Crystal Grinnell PLA, LEED AP

Water Resources Engineer, Landscape Architect


Senior Project Manager

Suzanne Hoehne CE

Environmental Engineer

Matt Koozer CPESC

Senior Restoration Ecologist, Construction Mgr.

Michael Lighthiser PE, LEED AP

Ecological Engineer

Brett Long PE

Water Resources Engineer

Justin Lyon PE, LEED AP, CGBP

Senior Water Strategist & Engineer

Lee Mallonée PLA

Senior Landscape Architect

Ryan Masé

Senior Engineering Technician

Ellen McClure CSE, PWS

Senior Geomorphologist, Cascadia Bioregion Team Leader

Sara McGarity EIT

Water Resources Engineer

Markku McGlynn PLA, SITES AP

Landscape Architect

Jennifer Zielinski Missett PE

Senior Water Resources Engineer, Chesapeake/Delaware Bays Bioregion Team Leader

Edward Morgereth

Senior Ecologist

Pete Muñoz PE, LEED AP

Senior Engineer

Amy Nelson

Senior Writer

Jessica Hardesty Norris PhD

Conservation Biologist

Kevin Nunnery PhD, LSS, LEED AP

Senior Ecologist

Justin Park PLA, ASLA, LEED Green Associate

Landscape Architect

Rose Marie Price

Office Administrator, Project Assistant

Quinn Caralle

Administrative Assistant

Chris Rehak

GIS Manager

Erica Robak

Accounting & Contracts Coordinator

Sarah Roberts

Senior Environmental Scientist

Juan Rovalo

Senior Ecologist & Integrated Design Specialist

Andi Rutherford PLA, SITES AP, EcoDistricts AP™

Landscape Architect

Rachel Salazar

CADD Engineer

Bryon Salladin

Environmental Scientist/Arborist

Tyler Schlachter


Susan Sherrod PhD, CE, CERP


Carson Smith EIT

Water Resources Engineer

Vince Sortman

Senior Fluvial Geomorphologist

Michael Spina PLA

Landscape Architect

Elena Stachew

University of Akron Biomimicry PhD Fellow

Doug Streaker PE

Senior Water Resources Engineer

Chris Streb PE, LEED AP

Senior Ecological Engineer

Katie Talley PE

Water Resources Engineer

Susan Thamavong

Project Accountant

Mike Thompson CE

Senior Environmental Scientist

Mike Trumbauer

Senior Restoration Ecologist

Jacques Varvel

Ecological Restoration Specialist

Deborah Vere

Proposal Director

Rob Von Rohr PE

Senior Engineer, Southwest Basin & Range Bioregion Team Leader

James Way

Proposal Coordinator

Rachel Whiteheart PE

Water Resources Engineer

Neil Williams PE

Senior Engineer

Rebecca Winer-Skonovd

Senior Environmental Scientist

Shayla Woodhouse

Project Designer

David Yocca FASLA, PLA

Senior Landscape Architect/Ecological Planner

Greg Zuknick CERP

Environmental Scientist


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