About Us

The power of partnership

We embrace opportunities to collaborate with like-minded organizations, companies, and institutions whose missions and values align with ours.

When our mission and values align with those of like-minded organizations, companies, and institutions, we see opportunity for powerful collaboration.

Cleveland Water Alliance

Biohabitats has teamed up with the Cleveland Water Alliance to sponsor a Corporate Fellow enrolled in the University of Akron’s Integrated Biosciences Ph.D. program with a focus on biomimicry.

The Fellow is pursuing PhD research in the following areas:

  • Developing biomimicry-inspired solutions to improve water quality associated with stormwater runoff, point source discharge, and urban shoreline stabilization;
  • Preparing design guidelines, protocols, and policy frameworks for integrating the biomimicry process into stormwater management, green infrastructure, and shoreline stabilization/enhancement; and
  • Delivering workshops to interested private and public sector groups, with a focus on the Northeast Ohio region.

The Fellow is also embedded in Biohabitats, performing research and development, spurring innovation, and solving on-the-ground challenges related to stormwater, nearshore habitat, and water quality through a biomimetic lens.

To learn more, contact Tom Denbow.

Great Lakes Biomimicry

Biohabitats is a member Great Lakes Biomimicry Corporate Innovation Council, a collaboration of companies in Northeast Ohio working together to solve problems using the process of biomimicry. Biohabitats is also a partner and funder of Great Lakes Biomimicry.

To learn more, contact Chris Streb.

John Todd Ecological Design

Biohabitats and John Todd Ecological Design (JTED) collaborate on the design and construction of natural systems for wastewater treatment and the remediation of degraded water bodies throughout the world. Our long-standing history with Dr. Todd makes this a perfect match. JTED leads project conceptualization and design approach while Biohabitats provides ecological engineering, regulatory permitting, and construction management.

Dr. John Todd is a pioneer in the use of biologically diverse natural systems, principally powered by sunlight, to treat and remediate wastewater and recalcitrant contamination issues. Using biodiversity and natural processes to create mechanically simple but biologically complex systems, he has rehabilitated water bodies throughout the world, including sewage-contaminated urban canals, stormwater ponds, landscape features, and natural lakes.

To learn more, contact Erin English.

McLennan Design

Aligned in mission and values, Biohabitats and McLennan Design formed a strategic partnership to offer comprehensive regenerative design services. Founded in 2013 by designer, author, and green building pioneer, Jason F. McLennan, McLennan Design is dedicated to the creation of Living Buildings, Net-Zero and Regenerative Projects. Joined by partner Dale Duncan, AIA, McLennan Design works with many of the leading institutions, companies, and developers around the globe in reimagining and redesigning for positive environmental and social impact.

To learn more, contact Pete Munoz.

Conservation Design Forum

Biohabitats and Conservation Design Forum (CDF) have formed an alliance to offer holistic, water-focused planning, design, and engineering services. For over 20 years, Conservation Design Forum (CDF) has been at the forefront of the ecological design movement throughout the western Great Lakes and upper Mississippi Valley. Their pioneering work in ecological restoration, holistic water planning, and green infrastructure has helped shape and influence public perception and policy while creating ecologically vibrant landscapes across the Midwest. With shared vision and values, Biohabitats and CDF apply a blend of sound science, place-based design, and ecological democracy to projects across the Midwest.

To learn more, contact Tom Denbow.

Ecological Restoration & Management, Inc.

Biohabitats and Ecological Restoration and Management (ER&M) routinely pursue design-build restoration projects throughout the U.S. mid-Atlantic region. Founded by Keith Bowers, ER&M has become a regional leader in the restoration construction and management of wetlands, streams, lakes, woodlands, coastal communities, and many other natural habitats. With over 30 years of field experience, ER&M brings a wealth of knowledge of practical, on-the-ground, science-based practices to large and small projects.

To learn more, contact Bryon Salladin.


Biohabitats and Ecocean have teamed-up to offer innovative solutions for improving the recruitment, resilience, and survival of young fish along hardened waterfronts. Ecocean, a French company specializing in coastal marine ecosystem restoration, has pioneered post-larval capture, culture, and release strategies for marine aquatic organisms. These groundbreaking strategies enable local agencies and coastal developers to restore near-shore aquatic habitat. Aligned in mission and sharing a common vision, Biohabitats and Ecocean collaborate on projects in both Europe and North America.

To learn more, contact Keith Bowers.