About Us

The power of partnership

We embrace opportunities to collaborate with like-minded organizations, companies, and institutions whose missions and values align with ours.

When our mission and values align with those of like-minded organizations, companies, and institutions, we see opportunity for powerful collaboration.

Cleveland Water Alliance

Biohabitats has teamed up with the Cleveland Water Alliance to sponsor a Corporate Fellow enrolled in the University of Akron’s Integrated Biosciences Ph.D. program with a focus on biomimicry.

The Fellow is pursuing PhD research in the following areas:

  • Developing biomimicry-inspired solutions to improve water quality associated with stormwater runoff, point source discharge, and urban shoreline stabilization;
  • Preparing design guidelines, protocols, and policy frameworks for integrating the biomimicry process into stormwater management, green infrastructure, and shoreline stabilization/enhancement; and
  • Delivering workshops to interested private and public sector groups, with a focus on the Northeast Ohio region.

The Fellow is also embedded in Biohabitats, performing research and development, spurring innovation, and solving on-the-ground challenges related to stormwater, nearshore habitat, and water quality through a biomimetic lens.

To learn more, contact Tom Denbow.

Great Lakes Biomimicry

Biohabitats is a member Great Lakes Biomimicry Corporate Innovation Council, a collaboration of companies in Northeast Ohio working together to solve problems using the process of biomimicry. Biohabitats is also a partner and funder of Great Lakes Biomimicry.

To learn more, contact Chris Streb.

Ecological Restoration & Management, Inc.

Biohabitats and Ecological Restoration and Management (ER&M) routinely pursue design-build restoration projects throughout the U.S. mid-Atlantic region. Founded by Keith Bowers, ER&M has become a regional leader in the restoration construction and management of wetlands, streams, lakes, woodlands, coastal communities, and many other natural habitats. With over 30 years of field experience, ER&M brings a wealth of knowledge of practical, on-the-ground, science-based practices to large and small projects.

To learn more, contact Bryon Salladin.