Outplanting thermally tolerant coral stocks in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of O’ahu, Hawai’i. Photo by Shayle Matsuda

UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

Society for Ecological Restoration 

SER’s The Science and Practice of Ecological Restoration Book Series. Published in partnership with Island Press this 28-book series covers a wide range of topics, from the scientific principles underlying restoration and the philosophical underpinnings of the discipline, to issues and strategies for restoring specific ecosystem types and field-tested solutions for restoration practice. (Series Editor: James Aronson, Missouri Botanical Garden; Associate Series Editor: Karen D. Holl, University of California at Santa Cruz; Executive Series Editor: Erin Johnson, Island Press.)

SER’s Restoration Resource Center (RRC), a robust database full of relevant publications, presentations, and project information from around the world, is available to anyone. As with all of SER’s resources, this massive clearinghouse of information is helping to ensure that all knowledge–even that gained through project failure–is shared rather than shelved, and spread rather than siloed. SER makes it easy for anyone to submit information to the RRC.

SER Primer on Ecological Restoration

Make A Difference Week

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The Presidio, San Francisco, CA. These photos depict a former US Army landfill and brownfield that contained a culverted creek that once drained to a salt marsh in San Francisco Bay. The first photo depicts the site as it existed in 2004, pre construction. The second photo was taken during construction in 2005. The third photo shows the progress of vegetation growth. Volunteers and staff grew and outplanted over 80 species of native plants. Photos by Lew Stringer

Nonprofit Spotlight: Society for Ecological Restoration

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It’s the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. So What?

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UN Decade Strategy

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Ecohydrological restoration of Burns Bog, British Columbia, Canada. Tree seedlings being removed from Burns Bog located in southwest British Columbia, Canada. ©City of Delta

Ecological Restoration along the Nation’s “Other River”

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Ecological Restoration as Primary Climate Change Response Mechanism: A Review of The Reindeer Chronicles:

Documentary of John Liu on his work : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDgDWbQtlKI

The Sami Reindeer plight: https://wewhosupportjovssetante.org/adopt-a-reindeer/

Hydrology LIFE – Restoration of peatlands, small water bodies and bird lakes in Finland. Excavator filling a ditch with peat to restore peatland hydrology in Western Finland. Photo by Metsähallitus

The Economic Benefits of Ecological Restoration

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