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Select Publications by Featured Experts/Scholars

A Buddhist Perspective: Contributions to Ecological Ethics, by Christopher Ives (In Religions in the Making. Edited by John B. Cobb, Jr.. Eugene OR: Wipf & Stock, 2012.)

Ecology & the Jewish Spirit: Where Nature & the Sacred Meet, by Ellen Bernstein

How Judaism Speaks for the Environment, by Ellen Bernstein (Religion for Earth conference Sept 19, 2014, Climate Weekend, Union Theological Seminary)

Imperial-Way Zen: Ichikawa Hakugen’s Critique and Lingering Questions for Buddhist Ethics, by Christopher Ives

Bernstein BookRotatedIslamic Basis for Environmental Protection, by Fazlun Khalid

Let the Earth Teach You Torah, by Ellen Bernstein and Dan Fink

People Trees: Worship of Trees in Northern India, by David L. Haberman

Qur’an: Creation & Conservation, by Fazlun Khalid

Religion Inscribed in the Landscape: Sacred Sites, Local Deities and Natural Resource Use in the Himalayas by Elizabeth Allison (in Stanley D. Brun, ed. The Changing World Religion Map: Sacred Places, Identities, Practices and Politics. New York: Springer Publishing, 2015)

Resources for Buddhist Environmental Ethics, by Christopher Ives (Journal of Buddhist Ethics 20, 2013)

River of Love in an Age of Pollution: The Yamuna River of Northern India,by David Haberman

Spiritually Motivated Natural Resources Protection in Eastern Bhutan, by Elizabeth Allison

The spiritual significance of glaciers in an age of climate change, by Elizabeth Allison (WIREs Clim Change 2015)

The Splendor of Creation: A Biblical Ecology, by Ellen Bernstein

Waste and Worldviews: Garbage and Pollution Challenges in Bhutan (Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture, 2014)

Web Sites

Alliance of Religions and Conservation

The Anglican Communion Environment Network

Buddhist Declaraion on Climate Change

Canfei Nesharim: Sustainable Living Inspired by Torah

Center for the Study of World Religions

Catholic Climate Covenant

Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life



Ecological Buddhism

European Forum for the Study of Religion and the Environment

Faiths for Earth

First Nations Environmental Network

Green Muslims

Hindu Declaration on Climate Change

Interfaith Power and Light

Islamic Declaration on Global Climate Change

Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences


The John Ray Initiative: Connecting Environment, Science & Christianity

National Religious Partnership for the Environment (USA)

Parliament of the World’s Religions

Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life

Rabbinic Letter on Climate Crisis

Society for Conservation Biology’s “Religion and Conservation Biology Resources”

iStock_000075585115_SmallHarvard University Press Series of Books on Religions of the World and Ecology

Yale Forum on Ecology and Religion

Yale Forum on Ecology and Religion’s Resources Page

Recent News

Climate of Faith: Scientists have spoken on climate change. But will it take a leap of faith for people to change? (Santa Fe Reporter 12/16/15)

Dharma Rain: Sources of Buddhist Environmentalism, by Stephanie Kaza (Ed) and Kenneth Kraft (Ed)

Faith advocates weigh Paris agreement on climate change (Baptist News Global 12/15/15)

WCC leader says faith groups must follow up on climate deal (Vatican Radio 12/16/15)

Christian. Conservative. Tree Hugger. (Politico Magazine 12/6/15)

Additional Publications

HindusOutsideBetween God and Green, by Katharine K. Wilkinson

Dharma Rain: Sources of Buddhist Environmentalism, by Stephanie Kaza (Ed) and Kenneth Kraft (Ed)

The Dream of the Earth by Thomas Berry 

Ecology and Religion (Foundations of Contemporary Environmental Studies Series) by John Grimm and Mary Evelyn Tucker

Evening Thoughts: Reflecting on Earth as Sacred Community, by Thomas Berry Edited by Mary Evelyn Tucker

Grounding Religion: A Field Guide to the Study of Religion and Ecology, by Whitney Bauman

Living Ecological Justice: A Biblical Response to the Environmental Crisis (Citizens for Public Justice)

Old stone Grave in the shape of a cross at Gordons Bay, South Africa

Love God Heal Earth by Rev. Canon Sally G. Bingham

Morrison M, Duncan R, Parton K (2015) Religion Does Matter for Climate Change Attitudes and Behavior. PLoS ONE 10(8): e0134868. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0134868

Religions and Environments: A Reader in Religion, Nature and Ecology Paperback, by Richard Bohannon

Sacred Acts: How Churches are Working to Protect Earth’s Climate, by Mallory MacDuff

Sacred Groves and Local Gods: Religion and Environmentalism in South India by Eliza Kent

The Sacred Universe: Earth, Spirituality, and Religion in the Twenty-first Century, by Thomas Berry

Worldviews and Ecology: Religion, Philosophy, and the Environment (Ecology and Justice Series) by Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grimm

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