Biohabitats Landscape Designer Emma Podietz.

Favorite ecosystem:

I am pretty attached to Mid-Atlantic ecosystems. This is by far the geographic area I know most about and have connected with the landscape in a deeper way through learning about it.

Favorite animal:

If I had to choose a favorite animal I’d choose opossums. I feel like their lovability is self-explanatory…. Adorable and misunderstood.

Favorite thing to do when not working:

I have a lot of hobbies! I like to ride my bike for transportation and have done some long bike tours but not for a while. Recently I have gotten very into rock climbing. I enjoy backpacking in all seasons and my favorite place to do that is the Dolly Sods wilderness in West Virginia. Love to dance and to see live music when I have the opportunity, and I also like to create art, mostly drawing and painting. I love to travel as well. Mostly I love spending time with my people and sharing experiences with them, whatever that may be.

Wetland delineation in Fort Dupont Park.

Most memorable experience in nature:

One nature experience I recently had, while camping in Colorado, was making a campfire in the snow and watching it slowly sink down through a 5 foot snow pack and create a perfect circle around itself. That was awesome! While camping in PA, I watched a raccoon eat an entire bag of about 15 chocolate muffins that it had just stolen from my campsite.


I have a cat, his name is Freddy Mercury and he’s a diva! He loves food more than any animal I’ve ever met, including humans.

Wetland delineation in Fort Dupont Park.

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