Favorite ecosystem, plant, or animal:

My favorite ecosystem has got to be the Montane forests (elevation from 8,000 – 10,000). They give just enough access to sunlight and far stretching views that I feel like the sky is endless, but still have more water loving plants and rivers flowing through them. For me, it’s the perfect mix between feeling like I’m in the mountains but still in a more familiar place. Also, the colors and wild flowers are so so beautiful!!

Favorite thing to do when not working:

I love building things, crafting, and figuring out how I can make my life more zero waste! I’m constantly thinking about innovative ways to make someone else’s trash into my treasures. Whether it’s painting old tomato sauce jars, building shelves from scrap wood, or propagating endless spider plants in the throw away pots from the flower shop, I’m always looking for ways to make useful items or gifts for my friends!

Music that instantly puts Ellie in a good mood:

Music that’s created by a female or female identifying artist oftentimes is very empowering to me while still being a good bop.

Special talent:

I’m really into endurance sports: biking, hiking, outdoor climbing, XC skiing. I love being able to go outside and travel pretty far distances doing an activity where I can be fully present in the space.

Most memorable experience in nature:

This past summer I hiked the Colorado Trail – 491.5 miles from Denver to Durango – which was definitely incredible! Being able to experience the changing ecosystems, falling into the natural rhythm of the space around me, and seeing a variety of small moments of nature and its organisms in acting in their truest form was such a special experience.

Favorite food:

Peanut butter and soy sauce noodles!

Ellie is originally from:

Westchester County, New York.

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