Favorite thing to do when not working:

I enjoy hanging out with my fiancé and our family and friends. Get togethers and celebrations are always on our agenda. If we do have downtime, trying new restaurants, foods, and drinks are always top of our list. Some other hobbies include puzzles, reading, scrap booking, video games, and hiking/being outside.

Jensen and her fiancé.

Music that instantly puts Jensen in a good mood:

Caamp’s By & By album always lifts my mood. Also, Feeling Good by Muse and Float On by Modest Mouse are top two faves.

If Jensen could be a superhero, her superpower would be:

Time travel – specifically to go back in time to see what all life was like throughout Earth’s history. I wouldn’t go to the future though – too scary.


We have two dogs and a cat. Meera and Penelope are our dogs and William is our (fat) cat.

Meera, Penelope, and William the cat.

Jensen is originally from:

Franklin, PA (NW PA between Pittsburgh and Erie)

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