Fox (Vulpes vulpes) stalking in the grass

A fox stalks prey in a distant meadow, unhindered by man’s touch. Its instincts intact and its home reinvigorated.

A bird looks down on a fox from its perch on a snag. Unfettered by the newly planted trees mixed in with the elder trees and their fallen, from which the bird sits.

An otter swims happily in a pool, stealing glances at the bird on the snag, while he enjoys his lunch in a recently restored stream.

There is purpose in the actions and the life of the fox, the bird and the otter. Connected by space and time…by nature.

By nature, we too exist in this web of interconnectedness. Whether connected by care with furrowed brow, love with hope of better days ahead or existence on an atomic level. Nature binds us.

By purpose we commit to restore the earth and inspire ecological stewardship.

With purpose we seed the meadows, leave the snags, plant the trees and restore the streams.

With inspiration, we design and plan and permit and build and monitor.

In 1982, Biohabitats was created, on purpose, and 41 years later is deemed a success.

We have now come to a point of succession. Not one full of woe, but full of promise.

Promise of an unchanged mission, continued growth, self-governance and reinvesting our profits in the people, places and things that speak to us.

As we prepare to sign the dotted line to move from an S corporation to a perpetual purpose trust, may we remember to chase opportunities like the fox, look at the bigger picture like the bird and enjoy the good times like the otter.

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