Danielle exploring the Smokey Mountains (S) and Belgium (R)

Favorite ecosystem:

My favorite ecosystem is a temperate forest. I have very fond memories in the Smokey Mountains, and I am drawn to the combination of flowing rivers and lush trees in the area.

Dream vacation:

My dream vacation is fairly broad. I love to travel and immerse myself into the culture of the places I go. I’d like to go to southeast Asia next.

Why Biohabitats?

The mission of Biohabitats initially drew me in. I felt a sense of belonging with everyone who has a deep passion for the earth and the strengths and varying disciplines within Biohabitats make me proud to work with everyone.

Coolest undergraduate class:

The coolest class I took as an undergrad was a gen ed called Waters and Civilizations. I learned about the societal impacts on ancient and modern civilizations of water issues and water rights. It is what originally sparked my passion for water resources.

Memorable experience in nature: 

I went to Switzerland and did a lot of hiking. I was in Interlaken and found a beautiful waterfall off trail. I spent the day swimming at the base and rock jumping.

Go-to snack in the field:

Lara bars! Lemon is my favorite.

Childhood ambition:

singer and songwriter

Favorite film:

Coherence. It is an independent film about a comet that causes strange interferences with reality.


I have a four-year-old cat named Phoebe. She is a disabled rescue that I fell in love with instantly. She loves to cuddle and even plays fetch.

Phoebe (L) and Danielle (R)



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