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Book Review: Once They Were Hats - In Search of the Mighty Beaver

Joe Berg reviews author Frances Backhouse’s fascinating exploration of humanity’s evolving relationship with the beaver.

Book Review: Once They Were Hats: In Search of the Mighty Beaver by Frances Backhouse

By Joe Berg

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…the local community response has generally been one of appreciation and sincere fondness of our wild, bucktoothed brethren.

I enjoyed this entire book and heartily recommend it.  While not all of the content will be pleasant to read, it is a good representation of the recent past. European colonization of North America has been a problem for so many organisms (e.g., buffalo) and peoples, and its residue is responsible for much of the environmental degradation that exists today.  Perhaps the book’s insight into our treatment of the beaver will help us to be better members of our natural community.

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