Helen is originally from:

Lincoln, Nebraska

Favorite thing to do when not working:

Anything outdoors! I’ve spent most of my free time recently exploring hiking trails in the mountains near Albuquerque, but I also enjoy backpacking, scuba diving, biking, and cross-country skiing, depending on the weather.

Backpacking in the Maroon Bells, CO.

Favorite books:

The two books that I can’t stop re-reading are The Class Castle by Jeannette Walls, and The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver.

Special talent, skill, or passion that people may not be aware of:

I really enjoy woodworking and I’m always dreaming up new construction projects that integrate my other hobbies. Some recent projects include a green roof, aquaponics system, wooden topographic maps, and a new beehive.

Constructing the green roof and beekeeping.

Most memorable experience in nature:

I spent a week camping around the perimeter of Iceland last summer, hiking on/through every volcano and glacier I could find. Definitely the most beautiful landscape I’ve encountered, and I loved experiencing the country through free campsites and never-ending daylight.

Helen hiking through lava tubes in Iceland with her fiancé.

Favorite food to eat or make:

Sushi! I recently got a sushi-making kit and I’ve been making it every week since.

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