At a Glance

When development plans are abandoned, a new county park becomes a secure and beautiful gateway to an urban greenway.

Project Description

The current site of Stono River County Park was once slated to be a dense residential development, but the economic crisis became a boon to the county when those plans were abandoned and local philanthropists purchased the land for the Charleston County Parks Commission.

Biohabitats worked on a team with Stantec to develop the master plan for the new park. Stono River County Park is an 83-acre site dominated by tidal salt marsh habitat with two small upland islands. Its location in relation to local recreational opportunities is a key feature of the site. The popular West Ashley Greenway currently terminates in a gravel lot behind a sign company. In addition, that stretch of the Stono River is part of the Coastal Blueway water trail.

Biohabitats analyzed the salient ecological features of the property and created a land use plan featuring Conservation, Recreation, and Marine Zones. Stantec and the rest of the design team then worked together to create a master plan that protects the ecological value of the park’s vernal pools and transitional zones while affording access to visitors for passive recreation. The planned park is a safe and attractive gateway to the West Ashley Greenway and an appealing stop for paddlers.



Southeast Atlantic

Physiographic Province

Coastal Plain


Stono river

Expertise Areas

Climate Change, Coastal, Community, Conservation, Urban Ecology, Water


Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission


Charleston County, South Carolina, United States

Project Team
  • Stantec, Inc.