At a Glance

Vacant, adjacent lots are transformed into an urban park that provides habitat for wildlife and a peaceful pocket of open space for city residents.

Project Description

Biohabitats and the City of South Euclid developed a concept for two adjacent, city-owned, vacant parcels. The objective was to create a quiet, low-maintenance, contemplative pocket park complete with a meandering trail and a series of offset “sitting rooms.”

Biohabitats based the trail layout on the site’s existing vegetation, predominately mature white oak. This vegetation, along with landscaping berms and new vegetation, creates a series of “sitting rooms” removed from the trail and road.

Each landscape berm is planted with a palette of native plants suited for either birds, butterflies and hummingbirds, honey bees, and edibles for humans. These berms/beds are strategically placed to take advantage of canopy openings to provide additional sunlight to plants, thus expanding the available plant palette. Remaining portions of the site will be planted with a combination of woodland understory trees and shrubs to further attract wildlife and enhance the quality of the “sitting rooms.”



Great Lakes

Physiographic Province

Gaciated Allegheny Plateaus


Euclid Creek

Expertise Areas

Infrastructure, Urban Ecology


City of South Euclid


South Euclid, Ohio, United States