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The creation of a new framework will allow for enhanced perspectives on scoping, research, and analysis for the SITES Rating System.

Project Description

When GBCI initiated the process of scoping, research, and analysis of the next version of the SITES Rating System, they hired Biohabitats to lead the process.

Biohabitats is providing technical expertise and assistance to GBCI SITES staff in all areas re-lated to a comprehensive review of the SITES v2 Rating System (including the SITES v2 Reference Guide) and associated research and analysis. Carbon accounting, biodiversity, and equity are core focus areas in the revision. Following an in-house credit-by-credit review and analysis of the existing system, Biohabitats convened three working groups of industry leaders to conceptualize new directions and areas of emphasis for SITES. Considering research on emerging policy trends, comparable evaluation frameworks, and expert opinion, Biohabitats is drafting both overarching and credit-specific recommendations that will inform the up-coming rewrite of the SITES framework.

An example of this application is currently being used for the 80-acre Heron Pond Park Master Plan. In 2018, the City of Denver’s Public Works and the Parks Departments joined forces and selected a team which included Biohabitats to develop the design and construction of the Park. For the next phase of the project, Biohabitats is leading the City’s effort to achieve SITES accreditation for the project as well as providing ecology and design input into an experiential habitat trail and green infrastructure/stormwater features.



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