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Opportunities for protecting and restoring habitat connectivity and stream, wetland, and floodplain ecosystems are highlighted along with recreational opportunities, clean water, flood protection, along 17 miles of the South Platte River.

Project Description

The South Platte River provides a multitude of ecosystem services and recreational opportunities to the Denver region. To protect and improve its health so that it could continue to provide these services, several municipal agencies and The Greenway Foundation joined forces to form the Adams County Coalition and initiate a master plan for the 17-mile South Platte River corridor in Adams County.

As ecological experts on a multidisciplinary planning team led by Design Workshop, Biohabitats helped the team understand the ecoregional context of the 15,270-acre (24 sq mi) project area and identified and prioritized opportunities to enhance habitat connectivity and water quality. During the project’s discovery phase, Biohabitats conducted a habitat connectivity analysis and reviewed integrated stormwater, low-impact development, and green infrastructure policies and programs from multiple jurisdictions. The findings of these analyses informed ecological management strategies and identified high-priority areas for short and long-term implementation projects.

The resulting South Platte River Vision and Implementation Plan is a research-based, stakeholder-informed strategy that provides a framework to re-naturalize mining sites, protect wetlands and riparian areas, expand habitat, provide flood protection, enhance aesthetics, spur economic and recreation opportunities, and foster and inspire community connection.



Southwest Basin & Range


South Platte River

Expertise Areas

Ecological Restoration, Infrastructure, Research & Development, Water


Adams County Coalition


Adams County, Colorado, United States

Project Team
  • Design Workshop