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Precedent-setting on-site wastewater treatment and reuse system reduces demand for potable water.

Project Description

The Desert Living Center (DLC) is a new desert living demonstration complex on a 185 acre site near downtown Las Vegas. In an effort to obtain a LEED Platinum Certification from the U.S. Green Builders Council, energy and water were important design considerations. Visitors to the DLC learn ways to protect the valuable resources of the desert environment and the global community, while enhancing their quality of life.

Biohabitats designed an on-site wastewater treatment and reuse system incorporating passive treatment technologies that are part of the landscape. Wastewater from an expected 600,000 visitors per year is treated on-site and then reused in subsurface drip irrigation systems and water closets. The design is intended to reduce demand for potable water and create additional water for landscaping and building uses. The Center helps set a precedent in the region for sustainability.



Southwest Basin & Range

Expertise Areas

Design & Build, Infrastructure, Water


Las Vegas Valley Water District


Las Vegas, Nevada, United States