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An industrial shoreline transforms into a public riverfront park that is ecologically rich and sustainable.

Project Description

The North Delaware Riverfront Greenway–Lardner’s Point Project converts an industrial riverfront into an ecologically rich and sustainable greenway park. It is part of a corridor that spans more than 10 miles along the Delaware Riverfront in northeastern Philadelphia. The park will add four acres to the City’s inventory of open space–a major goal of Philadelphia Parks & Recreation’s Green 2015 plan.

To bring the transformation to life, the Biohabitats team assessed the site, developed schematic design recommendations, and prepared a final design and construction package for a park along the greenway corridor and trail network that will ultimately connect the site with future parks to the northeast and southwest.

The greenway design incorporates many habitat enhancement and restoration components, including meadow creation, riparian woodland plantings, wetland enhancement and invasive species management. The waterfront portion of the park is protected and enhanced by a ‘living shoreline’ where native riparian and marsh plants provide stabilization, habitat, and localized water quality improvement.

In addition to park amenities such as a walking trail loop and picnicking areas, the design integrates many ecologically sound, sustainable design elements, including solar lighting and porous pavers that facilitate retention and filtration of stormwater.



Chesapeake/Delaware Bays

Physiographic Province

Coastal Plain


Delaware River

Expertise Areas

Coastal, Community, Ecological Restoration, Infrastructure, Urban Ecology, Water


Delaware River City Corporation & Pennsylvania Environmental Council


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Project Team
  • Urban Engineers