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Uniquely designed access points for paddlers enable enjoyment and protection of the Passaic River.

Project Description

Biohabitats helped the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission (PVSC) restore the Passaic River and its watershed, and bring to life an envisioned Passaic River Blueway, a 76-mile canoe and kayak trail spanning Newark Bay. Working alongside the PVSC and local communities, Biohabitats designed six of the trail’s 30 planned access points in such a way that they provide access to the River while also stabilizing the shoreline, restoring local ecology, and improving stormwater management.

Biohabitats began by performing assessments which included the collection and analysis of information related to each site’s soils, hydrology, and ecology. This informed design not only provides access, ecological enhancement, shoreline stabilization, and improved stormwater management, but does so in a way that minimizes disturbance and maximizes the experience for paddlers.

The Passaic River Blueway and the access points designed by Biohabitats provide new opportunities for people to enjoy and learn about an underutilized, underappreciated natural resource. Biohabitats is also contributing to ongoing outreach efforts and is assisting PVSC with construction oversight under a design-build scenario.



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Passaic River

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Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission


Newark, New Jersey, United States