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An important tributary to the Tualatin River is restored to a free-flowing state after clearing the way for migratory fish species.

Project Description

Metro Oregon manages 300 acres of natural areas along Baker Creek, a tributary to the Tualatin River that winds through four miles of forest, farms, and residential property. Seeking to improve the health of the creek, Metro worked with Clean Water Services to enhance riparian habitat and restore fish passage.

As ecological consultants on the Clean Water Services team, Biohabitats removed a berm and outflow structure that had created a muddy pond, which previously blocked the passage of migrating coho salmon and other native fish species including winter steelhead and cutthroat trout. Large wood was added to the floodplain area to slow down stormwater entering the creek and improve habitat, encouraging the presence of beaver, whose hard work reduces erosion and leads to better water quality. The team also treated invasive reed canarygrass and planted native species to establish a healthier riparian area.

Despite permitting delays, Biohabitats assisted Metro with their continued care of Baker Creek by completing the work quickly and on-time during the end of the in-water work season.




Expertise Areas

Climate Change, Ecological Restoration


Clean Water Services, Metro


Scholls, Oregon, United States

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  • Clean Water Services