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An ecological analysis characterized the vegetation, streams, and wildlife habitat present of the 144-acre property to inform the planning of a new regional park.

Project Description

Located just west of downtown Rock Hill, Rock Hill Regional Park encompasses approximately 144 acres. The property includes the Arcade and Arcade Victoria Parks, a retired landfill, and forested areas along unnamed tributaries to Wildcat Creek. Biohabitats provided Outside Spatial Design, LLC with an ecological assessment of the upland and riparian areas to inform the master planning process for a large, multipurpose regional park.

Biohabitats performed a field review to characterize the vegetation, streams, and wildlife habitat, with a focus on the forest and stream/riparian areas. Visual stability assessments were performed on the streams. Invasive species were documented. A landscape ecology analysis using two established models, each developed by wildlife conservation experts, was performed.

Output from two landscape ecology models indicated that the site's forested and undeveloped open space areas are important for maintaining the ecological resilience of the park and vicinity. Areas where stream stabilization would benefit water quality were also identified, and potential funding sources for that work. Protecting and enhancing these natural resources will enhance ecological sustainability of the park for generations to come.



Southeast Atlantic

Expertise Areas

Climate Change, Conservation, Ecological Restoration, Water


City of Rock Hill


Rock Hill, South Carolina, United States

Project Team
  • Outside Spatial Design, LLC