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A groundwater recharge facility in the arid Southwest expands into a 73-acre civic amenity, complete with wetland and riparian habitat, recreational trails, and education programming.

Project Description

Located in the arid American southwest, the City of Avondale depends on groundwater for its potable water supply. In planning to expand its aquifer recharge facility, a wetland zone, the City sought to transform it into a public amenity that not only stewarded this limited resource but also provided recreational and ecological benefits. The design team, led by Kimley-Horn, proposed a design that integrates multiple features into the expanded wetland zone: a nature center, nature play area, recirculating stream feature, fish hatchery and lake (operated in partnership with the Arizona Game and Fish Department), five recharge basins, and a new three-acre wetland recharge basin that provides riparian habitat and educational opportunities, all interconnected with walking paths and landscaped areas.

The iterative design process included touring similar facilities, determining usable area, obtaining agency input and buy in, and identifying a range of features to include in the new park. Biohabitats provided planning, concept design, and schematic design for the wetland basin and associated riparian zone. This included reviewing the City's water accounting information, developing a site water budget, and configuring the wetland basin and proposed grading.



Southern Rocky Mountain

Physiographic Province

Basin and Range


Agua Fria River below Lake Pleasant

Expertise Areas

Ecological Restoration, Water


City of Avondale


Avondale, Arizona, United States

Project Team
  • Kimley-Horn & Associates
  • Agua Engineering