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Ecological function, public use, and beauty are restored to one of the last remaining pieces of open space in Bergen County.

Project Description

Biohabitats helped the Bergen County Department of Parks and the Teaneck Creek Conservancy restore ecological function and safe public use to Teaneck Creek Park, a 46-acre site along Teaneck Creek that had been dramatically degraded by human impacts, including stormwater from the surrounding urban landscape and frequent dumping. Erosion was so severe at one outfall it was dubbed “stormwater canyon.”

Biohabitats developed a plan to restore fully functioning freshwater wetlands while also replacing invasive plant species with native riparian vegetation. Building upon a concept created by Rutgers’ Center for Urban Environmental Sustainability, Biohabitats created a design that uses natural systems to retain and treat water before it enters Teaneck Creek. The design uses regenerative stormwater conveyance to restore degraded outfalls and creates 20+ acres of sand seepage wetlands that hold and filter runoff as it flows across the site. These interventions restore a more natural hydrology to the floodplain wetland and optimize water treatment and habitat value. The design also minimized excavation and used on site materials to create habitat structures, saving time and money.

In addition to design, permitting, and construction oversight. Biohabitats also collaborated with the County, the Conservancy, and many other stakeholders to ensure that the park will meet the needs of its many users, preserve previous and ongoing conservation efforts, and celebrate the ecological art spread throughout the site. Through a citizen science monitoring initiative, community members who regularly visit and enjoy the site will be able to take part in monitoring the restoration’s success.



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Coastal, Community, Conservation, Ecological Restoration, Infrastructure, Urban Ecology, Water


Bergen County Department of Parks, Teaneck Creek Coservancy


Teaneck, New Jersey, United States

Project Team
  • Rutgers’ Center for Urban Environmental Sustainability