In addition to the many links that appear throughout this issue we have gathered the following recommended resources on the Southern Rocky Mountain Bioregion.

Central Rockies Chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration

Colorado Association of Stormwater and Floodplain Managers

Colorado Department of Natural Resources

Colorado Division of Water Resources

Colorado Division of Wildlife Natural Diversity Information Source

Colorado Front Range Infrastructure Resource Project

Colorado Geological Survey

Colorado Native Plant Society

Colorado Natural Heritage Program

Colorado Riparian Association

Colorado State Forest Service

Colorado State Parks

Colorado Tree Coalition

Colorado Watershed Association

High Altitude Revegetation

High Country News

National Park Service in Colorado

Natural Resources Conservation Services in Colorado

Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge

Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

Rocky Mountain Arsenal: Turning Vision Into Action

Rocky Mountain Field Institute

Rocky Mountain National Park

State Wetlands Program – Colorado

Southern Rockies Ecosystem Project

U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Colorado Field Office

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Mountain-Prairie Region

U.S. Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Region

Warner College of Natural Resources at Colorado State University

Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

Books by Dr. Ellen Wohl

Disconnected Rivers, (Yale University Press, 2004)

Virtual Rivers, (Yale University Press,2001)

Rain Forest into Desert (University Press of Colorado, 1994)

Of Rocks and Rivers: Seeking a Sense of Place in the American West. (University of California Press, 2009)

Books Edited by Dr. Jill S. Baron

Rocky Mountain Futures: an ecological perspective (Island Press 2002)

Biogeochemistry of a Subalpine Ecosystem (Springer-Verlag 1992)

Bark Beetle Links

Biology, Ecology and Management of Western Bark Beetles

Hot Topic: Bark Beetle

Colorado State University: Common Forest Insects & Diseases

What’s Happening in Colorado’s Aspen Forests?

Recent Forest Insect Outbreaks and Fire Risk in Colorado Forests: A Brief Synthesis of Relevant Research

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