Soils in the Urban Environment
Edited by Peter Bullock and Peter J. Gregory on behalf of the British Society of Soil Science and the Nature Conservancy Council. Blackwell Scientific Publications (1991).

Urban Soils: Applications and Practices
Phillip J. Craul. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (1999)

Restoration Ecology and Sustainable Development
Edited by Krystyna M. Urbanska, Nigel R. Webb, Peter J. Edwards, Cambridge University Press (2000) (Includes sections on the ”Importance of soil ecology in restoration science” by A. D. Bradshaw and “ Soil microorganisms, mycorrhiza and restoration ecology” by Kurt Haselwandter.

The Soil Biology Primer
Published by the Soil and Water Conservation Society
(NRCS also has an Urban Soil Primer for homeowners, property managers, local planning boards, etc.)

Sustaining Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Soils and Sediments
Edited by Diana H. Wall, sponsored by Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment, Island Press (2004). This book “brings together the world’s leading ecologists, systematists, and evolutionary biologists to present scientific information that integrates soil and sediment disciplines across terrestrial, marine, and freshwater ecosystems. It offers a framework for a new discipline, one that will allow future scientists to consider the linkages of biodiversity below-surface, and how biota interact to provide the essential ecosystem services needed for sustainable soils and sediments.

Modern methods for estimating soil microbial biomass and diversity: An integrated approach
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Using ecological diversity measures with bacterial communities
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Molecular characterisation of bacteria in a wetland used to remove ammoniacal-N from landfill leachate
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Quantification of N-transforming bacteria in passive leachate treatment systems by real-time PCR
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Characterisation of the bacterial community associated with a surface flow constructed wetland treating landfill leachate using 16S rDNA analysis
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Ecological Restoration: State of the Art or State of the Science?
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The Pedosome: Keystone of Ecosystem Construction
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Certification for responsible restoration
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Soils, the basic substrate for conservation in the urban landscape
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Linear relationship between aggregate stability and microbial biomass in three restored soil
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Linear relationship between aggregate stability and microbial biomass in three restored soils
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Hopes for the Future: Restoration Ecology and Conservation Biology
Andy P. Dobson, A.D. Bradshaw, A.J.M. Baker. Article from July 1997 Includes section on soil and ecological restoration.

Proceedings, Pacific Northwest Forest and Rangeland Soil Organism Symposium; Gen. Tech. Rep. PNW-GTR-461
Edited by R.T. Meurisse, W.G. Ypsilantis, C. Seybold. 1999. From a symposium held March 1998 in Corvallis, OR, 215 pages. Includes papers on soil organism functions, management effects on organisms, and organisms’ role in restoration. Available form the Pacific Northwest Research Station, 333 S. W. First Ave., PO Box 3890, Portland, OR 97206-3890

Legal and Institutional Frameworks for Sustainable Soils
Ian Hannam with Ben Boer. Sponsor IUCN-The World Conservation Union, Island Press. The primary objective of this report is to consider the treatment of soil-related issues in both national and international environmental law, and draw conclusions on needs at both levels. In exploring this subject, the report is mindful of the Resolution of the IUCN World Congress October 2000 Amman which requests the IUCN Environmental Law Programme (ELP), in the development of its legal guidelines, explanatory material and investigation into a global legal instrument for the sustainable use of soils, to pay particular attention to the ecological needs of soil and their ecological functions for the conservation of biodiversity and the maintenance of human life.

BIOCYCLE: Journal of Composting and Organic Recycling
Includes an archived article regarding the innovative use of organics for soil restoration in Washington State.

Evaluation of Alternatives for Restoration of Soil and Vegetation on Phosphate Clay Settling Ponds, Study by Florida Institute of Phosphate Research

OSU’s Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology Study by Peter Curtis Group Research focused on “determination of the importance of soil nutrient availability on community composition and the success of prairie ecological restoration.” Their study consists of complementary garden, restoration & greenhouse experiments running parallel. Each will target plant responses to six fertility treatments consisting of combinations of increased, ambient and decreased nitrogen & increased & ambient calcium.

A back issue of the Ecological Society of America’s publication Issues in Ecology focuses on “Human Alteration of the Global Nitrogen Cycle: Causes and Consequences”

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