Advances in Urban Ecology: Integrating Humans and Ecological Processes in Urban Ecosystems by Marina Alberti

Cities as Sustainable Ecosystems by Peter Newman and Isabella Jennings

Design with Nature by Ian L. McHarg

MetroGreen: Connecting Open Space in North American Cities by Donna Erickson

Resilience in Ecology and Urban Design: Linking Theory and Practice for Sustainable Cities (Future City) by S.T.A. Pickett, M.L. Cadenasso and Brian McGrath

Urban Ecological Design: A Process for Regenerative Places by Danilo Palazzo and Dean Frederick R. Steiner

Urban Ecology: Patterns, Processes, and Applications by Jari Niemela, Jurgen H. Breuste, Glenn Guntenspergen and Nancy E. McIntyre

Selected Books by Timothy Beatley

Biophilic Cities

Blue Urbanism

Green Cities of Europe: Global Lessons on Green Urbanism

Green Urbanism

Green Urbanism Down Under

Planning for Coastal Resilience

Web Sites

European Green Capital

The Nature of Cities is a collaborative of 50+ writers from many disciplines and from many places around the world. New pieces are published twice weekly

Urban Ecology Institute

Urban Land Institute

References for “Ecology at the heart of things – resilience in city-building”

Christchurch Central Recovery Plan,  Avon River precinctBiomimicry 3.8Greensburg, KS, Greensburg Master PlanLavasa Hill Station Master Plan.

References for “Coastal Europe: Improving Harbor Hospitality for Young Fish”

The continuous degradation of Europe’s coasts

SM2 Solution Marine

Artificial flexible sea grass unit, Network enterprise Europe

UK marine policy statement published

The integrated coastal management

European Marine Strategy Directive

National Environment policy Act

The European Habitat Directive

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