In our day-to-day work, we often find ourselves projecting into the future: “How will sea level rise affect shoreline resources and species distribution…What impact will changing land use patterns have on the regional ecology?”  But are we asking enough questions about the future of our field itself? How are tomorrow’s practitioners preparing for careers in ecological restoration, conservation planning, and regenerative design? Join us as we examine the education of those to whom we will one day pass the baton.

We begin with the educators. We asked six professors in different parts of the world the same six questions, revealing interesting threads and surprising differences.  To gain insight into the student perspective, we chat with Biohabitats’ summer interns about their education and their hopes for the future.  Leaf Litter’s Spotlight shines on a unique, international postgraduate program in Sweden that is cultivating a new generation of leaders in sustainability. Biohabitats’ own Dr. Peter May, who is both a practitioner and educator, reflects on his experience leading a group of students on a study abroad course on ecology and natural resources in Rio de Janeiro. What do today’s practitioners wish they had learned in college and graduate school? We asked via social media and share some of the responses.

We also provide links and resources related to education in ecological restoration, conservation planning and regenerative design, and share the latest news at Biohabitats. What are your thoughts on the education of tomorrow’s practitioners? Share them with us!

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