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Thousands of artists worldwide devote their passion and talent toward deepening human relationships with nature. We’re thrilled to feature some of them in this issue.

By Amy Nelson

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In the collaborative practices of ecological restoration, conservation planning and regenerative design, there are roles for many disciplines-engineer, biologist, landscape architect, geologist, planner, etc. But what about the artist? How can art enhance our efforts to restore the Earth and inspire ecological stewardship?

As we discover in this issue, the artist’s ability to evoke thought and feeling can tremendously enhance initiatives to protect and restore the health of Earth’s ecosystems. Thousands of artists worldwide devote their passion and talent toward exploring and improving human relationships with nature. We were thrilled to chat with and feature just a few of them in this issue.

Eco-art pioneers Helen Mayer and Newton Harrison have been collaborating with scientists, engineers, and design professionals to create art that “works” for the environment for more than 40 years. We had the chance to speak with them about the evolution of their art, and the ways in which their works “do work.”

We also chat with artist, naturalist, and best-selling author, James Prosek, dubbed the “Audubon of the fishing world” by the New York Times. His vivid watercolor paintings are coveted by billionaires and princes. Much more impressive is the power of Prosek’s work to inspire a new generation of conservationists and a deep appreciation for aquatic creatures ranging from oceans’ most majestic fishes to the oft-reviled freshwater eel.

Step into the studio of Jann Rosen-Queralt, and learn what life is like for environmental sculptor and public art collaborator.

It would be impossible to showcase all of the artists and different art forms that further ecological restoration, conservation, and regenerative design, but we provide glimpses into the works of some exciting, contemporary works.

In her article Environmental Art in Practice, Jennifer Dowdell describes her own academic and professional experience integrating art in her work as an ecological landscape designer.

As always, we have included resources and and the latest news about Biohabitats’ Projects, Places, and People.

What are your thoughts on the role of art in ecological restoration, conservation planning, and regenerative design? Share them on our Rhizome Blog.

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