Integrated Water Strategies

Integrated Water Strategies

When you see your “site” as part of a watershed, and as habitat for all life, amazing things can happen.

The most desirable and resilient communities now rely on “integrated water strategies,” ways of handling water that integrate the built world with the natural environment, ecology with planning and design, and people with the broader community of life. Your site, campus or district is part of a watershed, and should function like one. Biohabitats will help you devise strategies that make the best and most efficient use of water, while enhancing the economic, ecological and social capital of your project.

Benefits of Integrated Water Strategies
Integrated Water Strategies

Achieve Your Desired Water Footprint

We plan, design, and engineer sustainable water infrastructure:

  • Treatment Systems

    1. Natural wastewater and greywater treatment systems
    2. Constructed wetlands
    3. Cold climate constructed wetlands
    4. Reed bed sludge treatment systems
    5. Low-energy package treatment system customized design
    6. Composting toilets & nutrient recycling
    7. Water feature, pond and lake ecological filtration
    8. Small diameter collection systems
    9. Water reuse systems
  • Harvesting & Treatment Sources

    1. Wastewater
    2. Greywater
    3. Rainwater & stormwater
    4. Cooling condensate and blowdown
    5. Foundation de-watering
  • Non–Potable Uses

    1. Toilet flushing
    2. Landscape irrigation
    3. Cooling system & central utilities plant make-up
    4. Beneficial reuse for habitat, groundwater recharge
  • Stormwater & Site Water Amenities

    1. Stormwater green infrastructure & low impact design
    2. Watershed management planning
    3. Site water features, ponds and fountains
  • Water Planning

    1. Water balance and footprint planning
    2. Net Zero/positive water analysis
    3. Water conservation & reuse feasibility