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Regenerative water solutions are an integral part of one of the nation's first triple Net Zero multifamily/mixed-use projects.

Project Description

The Seventy-Six will be one of the first triple Net Zero (Energy, Water, and Waste) multifamily/mixed-use projects in the United States. Located in Albany's historic South End the project seeks to create economic and environmental equity by integrating scalable ownership models into businesses and homes.

The development will combine radically sustainable infrastructure with high quality, affordable, and flexible housing that meets universal design and accessibility requirements that can accommodate aging, changes in family size, and alternative living arrangements. The project will feature high performance energy, water, and waste systems that will make the Seventy Six one of the most sustainable and resilient urban mixed use developments in the United States. The project integrates food production and urban farming infrastructure using various techniques including  vertical gardens, integrated growing, and aquaculture.

A key member of the design team led by Garrison-Architects, Biohabitats developed schematic designs for the site's water and wastewater infrastructure. Rain will be harvested, and wastewater will be captured and treated onsite to help reduce the amount of potable water needed to support the project and reduce the community's impact on combined sewer overflows to the Hudson River. Wastewater is polished with constructed wetlands that are integrated into the landscape. Water is reused for toilet flushing and site irrigation. The project's integrated green infrastructure helped it receive two Building of Excellence Awards from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority and has been recognized as a Blue Ribbon Award winner among such projects by the Architectural League.



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Hudson River

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Infrastructure, Urban Ecology, Water


South End Development, LLC.


Albany, New York, United States

Project Team
  • Garrison Architects
  • Chazen Companies
  • M/E Engineering
  • RA Engineering
  • Energylink
  • The Levy Partnership