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Through the Nature-Based Exchange series of workshops, natural and nature-based solutions are widely disseminated for consideration and use throughout South Carolina.

Project Description

There is often a gap between conceptualizing ideas for natural and nature-based solutions (NNBS) and developing practical and solution-oriented plans using them. To close this gap, The Nature Conservancy, Clemson's Resilient Urban Design Program, and the City of Charleston assembled a team to design a series of practical and outcome-based workshops as part of the Nature-Based Exchange. Due to Biohabitats’ long successful history with nature-based design, the group invited Biohabitats to join the core team.

Since April of 2022, Biohabitats has been working with the core team to identify, curate and assist in developing a series of workshops to foster natural and nature-based solutions for South Carolina. The initial series of seven workshops has focused on introducing natural and nature-based solutions to common messaging, planning, navigating funding, designing for equity and developing design standards. Biohabitats has participated as an expert presenter in two of the workshops along with financially supporting two others. The workshops have drawn practitioners, public agency personnel, non-profit leaders, politicians, and community stakeholders from throughout South Carolina and the southeast region. A series of five Compendiums documenting the outcomes of each workshop is published and available free on the Nature-Based Exchange website.



Southeast Atlantic

Expertise Areas


The Nature Conservancy in South Carolina


Charleston, South Carolina, United States

Project Team
  • City of Charleston
  • Clemson's Resilient Urban Design Program