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Applying a regenerative design perspective to the master planning process has enabled the Episcopal High School to create a vision addressing both the educational and ecological needs of the campus community.

Project Description

The Episcopal High School, a private school located on a 48-acre campus in Baton Rouge, wanted to create a comprehensive Master Plan that incorporated a strong sustainability focus.  As a member of a consultant team led by NK Architects, Biohabitats was responsible for integrating ecological sustainablility and sustainable design elements into the Plan.

Built upon the alluvial soils and high water table of the Atchafalaya Basin, Episcopal High School had historically experienced stormwater flooding problems during rain events, a reduction in the campus tree cover, and an institutional disconnect from the local and regional ecosystem. Understanding how the master plan might address these challenges was Biohabitat’s objective.

Biohabitats performed field inspections of the campus, identified ecological opportunities and liabilities, and refined the definition and scope of sustainability for the project. In collaboration with NK Architects, Biohabitats addressed the placement of future infrastructure in such a manner as to minimize the ecological footprint associated with development. We included innovative sustainable design elements such as stormwater retrofitting with cisterns, bioretention basins and permeable pavers, expansion of the tree canopy to enhance micro-climatic cooling and evapotranspiration, integration of the naturalized woodland into the campus infrastructure, and reconnection of the school community with the Jones Creek and Atchafalaya watersheds.

Biohabitats participated in several school vision sessions designed to refine alternate development scenarios and conducted a final presentation in conjunction with NK Architects. The Episcopal High School is currently in the process of implementing the new Master Plan concepts.




Physiographic Province

Gulf Coastal Plain


Atchafalaya Basin

Expertise Areas

Conservation, Infrastructure, Water


Episcopal High School Baton Rouge


Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States

Project Team
  • NK Architects