At a Glance

The restoration of a historic side channel along the Clackamas River opens up much needed habitat for salmon, steelhead, and lamprey.

Project Description

In alluvial river systems, side channels naturally form as the river migrates. Those channels provide important fish habitat and rearing areas. Historically, such side channels along Oregon’s Clackamas River provided abundant salmon habitat. But over time, various land use practices have negatively impacted many side channels.

In partnership with the Clackamas River Community Cooperative, and with grant funding from the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, the Clackamas River Basin Council (CRBC) sought to reconnect a historic side channel located at the confluence of Sieben Creek and the Clackamas River to restore fish habitat. As the general contractor for the restoration, Biohabitats regraded the side channel, constructed an apex long jam at its upstream start, and installed several additional log jams along the channel. The CRBC will revegetate the site with native plantings.

For several months out of the year, the restored side channel opens up habitat for several species, including fall Chinook, summer and winter steelhead, Pacific lamprey, and Coho salmon.




Expertise Areas

Ecological Restoration, General Contracting


Clackamas River Community Cooperative


Clackamas, Oregon, United States

Project Team
  • Clackamas River Basin Council
  • River Design Group