At a Glance

The Saltworks community balances housing and active recreation with extensive salt marsh restoration and habitat enhancement for San Francisco Bay.

Project Description

Biohabitats provided ecological restoration and sustainable design services for a 1,400-acre property in the San Francisco Bay region. Using a green neighborhood development approach, the program encompasses a variety of mixed uses seamlessly integrated into a green infrastructure of stormwater management, wildlife habitat, parks, open space and landscape restoration buffers. Biohabitats composed a set of sustainability guidelines for the project outlining water, energy, ecology, transportation, materials, and livability goals, most of which surpass LEED Gold certification requirements for Neighborhood Development.

The project not only involves a significant landscape restoration and conservation component, but also a commitment to sustainable design throughout the development. Innovative and comprehensive stormwater management strategies were integrated throughout the development and water harvesting and reuse is a significant component of the program.

Biohabitats participated in, and led, community design charrettes, public workshops, government agency workshops, and roundtables on ecological restoration, water quality, sustainability and habitat throughout the design process.




Physiographic Province

Coastal Ranges


San Francisco Bay

Expertise Areas

Climate Change, Coastal




Redwood City, California, United States

Project Team
  • ROMA Design Group
  • Calthorpe Associates