At a Glance

Sound scientific assessments were used to delineate wetlands in the Meadowlands to inform future land use decisions.

Project Description

Biohabitats delineated tidal and non-tidal wetlands for a 300-acre property. In addition to the wetland delineation and survey, Biohabitats assessed the flora and fauna on site, the potential for future wetland restoration, and conducted a hydrology study to determine groundwater elevations within the freshwater wetland areas located on the site.

Russo Development required the delineation to determine which of six parcels could be used for wetland restoration and mitigation purposes and which parcels might be usable for future development in the Meadowlands District properties. The work performed by Biohabitats included delineating and surveying the wetlands in accordance with the 1987 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation Manual and the 1989 Interagency Federal Manual for Identifying and Delineating Jurisdictional Wetlands. Biohabitats alsoprepared and submitted the Jurisdictional Determination to the Corps.



Hudson River

Physiographic Province




Expertise Areas

Coastal, Conservation, Ecological Restoration, Water


Russo Development Company


Moonachie, New Jersey, United States