At a Glance

Integrated water strategies provide sustainable, place-based solutions to the water needs of a new, self-sustaining, mixed-use development and its broader, ecological community.

Project Description

In the foothills of the Pioneer Mountains and adjacent to the city of Hailey, ID is the future home of Quigley Farm. Envisioned not just as a community development, but as a way to genuinely develop community, Quigley Farm aims to be a self-sustaining neighborhood that will produce sustainable economic, social, and environmental benefits to the greater community of Hailey. The 1,500-acre development will incorporate housing, organic food production, commercial space, a hotel, an agricultural center, and an ecologically-centered school.

Biohabitats was a key member of the master planning team, which was led by SERA Architects and included the Regenesis Group. Guided by the input of stakeholders and the site’s ecology, culture, and history, the team delivered a plan for a community that sits lightly on the land, restores soils damaged by past agricultural practices, and ultimately enhances the natural function of the site.

To help achieve this vision, Biohabitats designed water recycling facilities to treat and recycle the community’s wastewater. The system, which consists of four wetland cells with underground tanks and trickling filters, treats all wastewater and repurposes it for use in commercial toilet flushing, landscape irrigation, agricultural irrigation, and snowmaking.




Physiographic Province

Northern Rocky Mountains


Big Wood River

Expertise Areas

Infrastructure, Water


Hennessy Company


Hailey, Idaho, United States

Project Team
  • SERA Architects
  • Regenesis Group
  • Benchmark Associates