At a Glance

The regenerative stream channel system approach used on Pope Branch re-establishes ecological functions within the stream valley, creating a natural system that functions to improve stream stability, water quality, in-stream, and riparian habitats with a cost effective, aesthetic solution that minimizes impacts to the existing mature forest community.

Project Description

Pope Branch Stream Restoration is a design project on the Pope Branch tributary to the Anacostia River for DCWATER and the District Department of the Environment. The stream restoration is being done in conjunction with a sewer line replacement along the stream valley. The project objectives are to stabilize nearly 5,000 linear feet of stream channel within Pope Branch Park, thus reducing the sediment load carried to the Anacostia River; enhance in-stream habitat for resident fish and benthic communities; and enhance the riparian and floodplain habitat. All these objectives work towards improving the overall ecological value of the Pope Branch stream and floodplain area. The project will provide the City with a unique, aesthetically pleasing community space that would serve as a showcase for ecological restoration being done in the City.



Chesapeake/Delaware Bays

Physiographic Province

Atlantic Coastal Plain


Chesapeake Bay

Expertise Areas

Ecological Restoration, Infrastructure, Urban Ecology, Water


Government of the District of Columbia, District Department of the Environment, Watershed Protection Division


Washington, District of Columbia, United States