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Over one mile of fish habitat is restored to degraded reaches of Newell and Abernethy Creeks, tributaries to the Willamette River.

Project Description

Metro is the regional government for the Oregon portion of the Portland metropolitan area. In an effort to restore habitat for native fish, improve water quality in Abernethy and Newell Creeks, and restore floodplain connectivity, Metro initiated a 5,800- linear-foot stream restoration.

Biohabitats implemented construction of the restoration, which was designed by Inter-Fluve. The restoration involved the placement of more than 200 logs in both creeks. Three large wood habitat structures, constructed with salvaged trees, logs, and brush piles, were installed in Abernethy Creek. The project location, deep in a ravine, required much of these materials to be lifted, transported, and placed via helicopter.

Working closely with Columbia Helicopter, Biohabitats directed helicopter lifting, transport, and placement of material and built the habitat structures. Biohabitats also led pre-construction efforts to rescue fish, dewater the channel, and move more than 800 cubic yards of soil to create deep pools at the log jams. The newly installed structures are designed to provide complex habitat for a variety of species, including federally listed coho salmon, steelhead, and Pacific lamprey





Willamette River

Expertise Areas

Ecological Restoration, General Contracting




Oregon City, Oregon, United States

Project Team
  • Inter-Fluve
  • Columbia Helicopter
  • Point Environmental