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A watershed-wide plan charts the course and ignites action to protect and restore the last best salmonid rearing and spawning habitat, and results in the design of the first and highest-priority restoration reach.

Project Description

The Coast Salmon Project is a nonprofit working to protect some of the last best salmon and steelhead populations in the contiguous US. The Willapa Bay Lead Entity is one of four regional entities responsible for coordinating the Project's salmon and steelhead habitat restoration initiatives. The Middle Nemah River, located within the Willapa basin, supports spawning and rearing habitat for Chum, Chinook, Coho, Steelhead, and Cutthroat, but a legacy of logging and road construction in the watershed was degrading and threatening that habitat. Recognizing the need for restorative action, and with funding from the Pacific Coast Salmon Recovery Fund, (PCSRF), the Wallapa Bay Lead Entity and its partner, the Pacific Conservation District, turned to a team with deep knowledge of anadromous salmonids, ecological engineering expertise, and significant habitat survey design and analysis experience.

Biohabitats joined Cramer Fish Sciences (CFS) to complete a comprehensive assessment, analysis, and prioritization of restoration opportunities within the 1,000-square-mile watershed.

As a restoration design lead, Biohabitats coordinate detailed survey of the highest priority opportunities; developed 2-D modeling of the existing river channel, floodplain, and adjacent off-channel ponds; put together conceptual design used to coordinate with the property owners, and developed preliminary design in accordance with PCSRF guidelines. Restoration components include floodplain grading to improve off-channel connectivity and large woody debris structures for both channel and floodplain. The restoration is the first of multiple projects on the Middle Nemah River that will increase the amount of fully functioning in-stream, riparian, and off-channel habitat necessary for salmonid rearing and spawning.




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