At a Glance

Sensitive dune areas cleared of hazards for visitor safety concerns were re-established into a stable and functional coastal habitat for endemic species.

Project Description

Under contract to the Philadelphia District Army Corps of Engineers, Biohabitats was responsible for the removal of existing dune vegetation for an area of approximately 15.5 acres of sand dunes along the Surf City beach, from South 3rd Street to North 21st Street. Following removal and safe storage of this native plant material, the sand comprising the dune was screened for unexploded ordinance and the screened sand was replaced into the dune configuration. Once the dune was reestablished, Biohabitats was responsible for reinstalling the removed native dune material and installing seed for additional native dune species. These plantings were fertilized and cared for during the warranty period. This work was completed within the project’s schedule and budget, the Corps awarded the project team the Philadelphia District’s External Partnering Award for 2009 for the effort.



Hudson River

Physiographic Province

Atlantic Coastal Plain


Manahawkin Bay/Atlantic Ocean

Expertise Areas

Climate Change, Coastal, Community, Conservation, Ecological Restoration, Infrastructure, Urban Ecology


U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Philadelphia District


Surf City, New Jersey, United States