At a Glance

A comprehensive water infrastructure opportunity study informs and enhances corporate water stewardship on LinkedIn’s South Bay campus.

Project Description

LinkedIn sought to better understand water infrastructure and water use to strengthen asset management, enhance operational function, and inform future system investments.

Working directly with the client, Biohabitats conducted a Water Infrastructure Opportunity Study to enhance understanding of campus water use, and identify assets, vulnerabilities, and opportunities related to water infrastructure. The study consisted of a review of existing data and documentation, field reconnaissance to assess current site conditions, calculation of a daily water balance, and a regulatory review of water infrastructure needs.

Informed by the study findings, Biohabitats then facilitated discussions with the client and planning team on data analyses, site development and reuse opportunities, potential water management strategies, and success metrics. Insight gleaned from the study and discussion aided the design team in creating a water infrastructure action plan, schematic designs, permitting and construction documents, and an adaptive water management plan to support long-term water infrastructure sustainability and resiliency.

LinkedIn is now able to integrate water stewardship and resilience in all future campus planning and development efforts.




Physiographic Province

Saratoga Creek-Frontal San Francisco Bay Estuaries


Pacific Border

Expertise Areas

Research & Development, Water




Sunnyvale, California, United States

Project Team
  • PAE Consulting Engineers