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A review of water quality and treatment strategies aids the development of sustainable water management strategies at LinkedIn’s Middlefield Campus, furthering the use of recycled water and contributing to resource conservation in the Mountain View area in CA.

Project Description

The LinkedIn Middlefield Campus, a mixed-use development site in Mountain View, CA, rests at the border of Sunnyvale and serves as a sustainable office hub for the company. With a focus on sustainable practices, three buildings were identified as opportunities to utilize recycled water for non-potable demands.

Engineering firm PAE was selected to provide sustainability services to LinkedIn, including water management strategies at the site. Biohabitats was contracted as sub consultant to apply their expertise in a review of water quality and treatment strategies to meet requirements for toilet flushing, irrigation, and cooling towers.

An interagency agreement was reached between the City of Sunnyvale and the City of Mountain View to supply municipal reclaimed water from Sunnyvale to the new LinkedIn campus as the closest municipal recycled water main adjacent to the site to supply water use for non-potable demands.

Biohabitats examined information provided by PAE regarding anticipated recycled water demands. This involved analyzing historic monthly and annual water quality reports for Sunnyvale recycled water, as well as an assessment of the variances between Sunnyvale recycled water quality versus the quality required. The result was a memorandum containing recommendations for treatment and equipment needed with drawings demonstrating compatible space for treatment equipment. This effort helped further the use of recycled water and contribute to resource conservation within the Mountain View area on LinkedIn's behalf.




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Saratoga Creek-Frontal San Francisco Bay Estuaries


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Sunnyvale, California, United States

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  • PAE Consulting Engineers