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5,800 linear feet of degraded stream running through the Haystack Mountain Golf Course and the Brigadoon neighborhood now have stable banks, restored aquatic habitat, and a more resilient stream and riparian corridor.

Project Description

Left Hand Excavating and Biohabitats worked together on this 5,800 LF stream restoration project. Due to the impacts of the 2013 flood, this reach of Left Hand Creek had severe erosion with very tall cut banks, few ponds, and limited floodplain benches that were still covered with flood sediment and debris. The project extended from the Haystack Mountain Golf Course to 63rd Street and involved multiple private landowners. Scope of work included permitting, concept and 30% design, extensive landowner outreach, and construction to restore and repair associated flood damage. The implemented design included pool installation, channel re-shaping, streambed stabilization, grading and shaping to create floodplain benches, in-stream and bank habitat structures, bank repair, utilization of natural materials, and planting and seeding. The restoration design and planting plan were tailored to individual property owners' inputs while still maintaining a holistic approach so the entire reach would function as a resilient stream system.



Southern Rocky Mountain

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Southern Rocky Mountains


South Platte River

Expertise Areas

Design & Build, Ecological Restoration


Left Hand Watershed Center


Boulder County, Colorado, United States

Project Team
  • Anderson Consulting Engineers
  • Left Hand Excavating