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Ecological restoration helps a corporation stabilize eroding property along a busy reach of the Columbia River.

Project Description

Working out of numerous facilities, the Knife River Corporation provides construction materials and contracting services in many regions of the U.S. One facility, the Knife River-Sundial Aggregates, is located along the Columbia River. When a section of the shoreline that had previously been stabilized with insufficient vegetation began experiencing significant erosion, the corporation turned to Biohabitats for help.

Using rootwad logs and large boulders, along with aggregate provided by Knife River, Biohabitats restored and stabilized 250 linear feet of shoreline along this busy stretch of the river. The Biohabitats team also prefabricated and planted willow cutting pods to further stabilize soil and allow resilience and stability to increase over time.

This project was completed on time and within budget as the first fall rains began to fall in the Pacific Northwest.




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Ecological Restoration


Knifer River Corporation - Northwest


Troutdale, Oregon, United States

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