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As a result of the Kent Dam river restoration project, the middle Cuyahoga River runs free and has fully attained warm water habitat designation.

Project Description

A 1999 Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) study conducted by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) identified water quality problems in the Cuyahoga River behind Kent Dam in the City of Kent, Ohio. As a member of a consultant team, Biohabitats conducted a feasibility study to evaluate alternatives to meet water quality objectives in the TMDL report while also addressing concerns raised by the Kent community.

After developing a concept to modify the Kent Dam/Dam Pool and restore the Cuyahoga to a free flowing reach alongside the dam, Biohabitats participated in the preparation of final design and construction documents.

The river flows through this channel to satisfy OEPA aquatic habitat and fish passage criteria. Biohabitats’ design includes opportunities for kayak/canoe passage through the stretch of river and bank revegetation
upstream of the dam.

Construction for the Kent Dam restoration project was completed in early 2004 satisfying all initial OEPA objectives and providing a center of gravity for urban renewal in the town of Kent, Ohio.



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Cuyahoga River

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Kent, Ohio, United States