At a Glance

Biohabitats is leading a multidisciplinary team of landscape architects and engineers in the implementation of a 14-mile greenway trail loop to help residents connect to community & nature.

Project Description

Biohabitats is leading a team of traffic engineers, landscape architects, and civil engineers in the design and implementation of a 14-mile greenway under a Master Services Agreement with Kennett Township in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Most of this work is being funded through grants the Township has won to support expanded access to open space and community connectivity.

The projects under this agreement include public engagement, due diligence review and preliminary engineering studies of various trail segments, as well as final design of individual trail segments to be put out to bid for construction.

Initial projects have included wetland delineation and tree survey along the Red Clay Creek to inform the final design of one of the first trail segments to be completed on the western side of the greenway loop. Community engagement has included public open house events as well as community meetings and presentations to the Township's Board of Supervisors. Trail design considerations include providing the best pathway for a variety of users that responds to the unique ecological context of the region and celebrates the character of Kennett Township.



Chesapeake/Delaware Bays


Delaware River

Expertise Areas

Community, Conservation, Ecological Restoration, Infrastructure, Water


Kennett Township


Chester County, Pennsylvania, United States

Project Team
  • McMahon Associates
  • Meliora Design
  • Unknown Studio
  • Lotus Environmental
  • GeoStructures Inc.