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With a completed master plan, and a community committed to its stewardship, Jefferson Memorial Forest and its 6,000+ acres of forested hills, ridge tops and valleys should remain in strong ecological health long into the future.

Project Description

In the southwest part of Jefferson County, Kentucky, at the northern edge of the Kentucky Knobs, over 6,000 wooded acres of steep hills and hollows form Jefferson Memorial Forest. Established in the 1940s as a tribute to veterans, the Forest has evolved into a natural oasis just miles from the commercial and residential developments of Louisville.

Biohabitats helped put together a consultant team, headed by architectural firm Jones & Jones, which was selected by Louisville Metro Parks to develop a master plan for the Forest. Biohabitats performed a natural resources overview, examining geological characteristics, soils, watersheds and streams, forest communities, and ecological hubs and linkages. Using GIS data and field observations, team members produced maps and graphics to display information and help guide the formulation of a plan that respects and enhances the ecological significance of this park. The team also presented findings and recommendations to the public, stakeholders and the steering committee.

Biohabitats made significant contributions to a master plan that truly focused on the ecological health and stewardship of Jefferson Memorial Forest.



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Jefferson County, Kentucky, United States