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Biohabitats provided ecological assessment, design, stewardship guidance, and technical guidance related to the Island Bend Resort's strategies for handling water.

Project Description

Located on an island in the Tennessee River, the Island Bend Resort is envisioned as a hotel and spa designed in harmony with nature, with holistic, practical, and resilient infrastructure that enhances ecological stewardship. The 1000-acre property will include an existing working farm, along with 60-80 guest units and multiple trails and amenities. To help the property owner and its partner, sustainability and wellness hotel leader, Six Senses, achieve this vision, Biohabitats provided ecological assessment, design, and stewardship guidance, along with technical guidance related to the resort's strategies for handling water.

Biohabitats began by reviewing existing data and visiting the site to assess its ecological features, which included limestone zones, a backwater slough, riparian and wetland areas, forests, and riverine shoreline. The findings were mapped, and used to inform conservation, restoration, and development choices. Biohabitats also helped the client identify and begin to evaluate opportunities to integrate nature-based strategies to harvest, treat, and recycle stormwater, rainwater, and wastewater on site. This involved calculating preliminary water demand and wastewater generation estimates, and completing a preliminary daily water balance.

Biohabitats' support helped guide development considerations, building stability, space allocations, transition zones, preservation areas, ecological assets, corridors, and the consideration of opportunities to enhance, connect, and restore ecological systems.



Southwest Basin & Range

Expertise Areas

Climate Change, Conservation, Ecological Restoration, Water


TGM Land Development LLC


Bath Springs, Tennessee, United States

Project Team
  • Six Senses