At a Glance

Just blocks away from the White House, two bioretention facilities enhance the beauty, biodiversity, and ecological function of what was once a concrete sidewalk.

Project Description

The Golden Triangle Business Improvement District (GTBID) works to enhance the 44-square-block neighborhood that stretches from Dupont Circle to Pennsylvania Avenue. Environmental stewardship has long been a priority for GTBID, and in 2019, the Golden Triangle became the first business improvement district in the world to be named a LEED-certified community.

With funding from the District Department of Energy & Environment, GTBID sought to expand its LID installations in the public right-of-way of DC's central business district. Working closely with GTBID, and in coordination with various utility owners, Biohabitats designed and constructed two curbside bioretention facilities.

Designed to fit seamlessly into the downtown streetscape and complement previous LID installations, the bioretention facilities maximize stormwater retention and treatment within a small footprint. Their vegetated side slopes also bring new green spaces and native plants to a busy sidewalk in an ultra-urban environment.



Chesapeake/Delaware Bays


Potomac River

Expertise Areas

Ecological Restoration, Water


Golden Triangle Business Improvement District


Washington, D.C., Washington D.C., United States

Project Team
  • Triangle Contracting
  • TCG Property Care
  • Timmons Group
  • Insight LLC